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Please help Jeff and the Beast

Expenses are mounting rapidly, and the event is nearing.

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Please help Jeff and the Beast
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  • Support Riders. See the Calendar for practice rides.
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The Beast is a 1929 Indian Model 101 Scout.  I purchased her from George Yarocki in February, 2001.  That July I rode her from Pickerington, Ohio, to Springfield, Massachusetts, in the Century Ride Home.  George and the late Jack Garner were my pit crew and fellow riders.  The Beast has traveled over 17,000 miles in her eleven years with me.  She gets ridden hard and often, but gets tender, loving care.

Organized by Lonnie Isam, Jr., the Motorcycle Cannonball was a coast to coast endurance test for pre-1916 motorcycles.  It commemorated "Cannonball" Baker's 143 cross-country runs.  Forty five motorcycles left Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on September 10, 2010.  Thirty Seven of them paraded onto the Santa Monica Pier sixteen days later.  Ten motorcycles completed all 3,294 miles of the planned route.  Bill Wood detailed the event in the Winter, 2010, issue of The Antique Motorcycle.  The official Motorcycle Cannonball website has the whole story plus riders' profiles.

My Aspiration is to ride The Beast to completion in Cannonball II.  As of today [March 5, 2011] I can only speculate.  It is rumored and discussed that Cannonball II may take place in 2011 or 2012, will start in New York, will end in San Francisco, and will include pre-1930 motorcycles.  But, the event is not officially announced.  Moreover, I lack the support and finances necessary to undertake such an adventure.  So, I have created this website to share my thoughts and progress, and to ask for your advice and support.  Please subscribe to future announcements, and please contribute to the adventure.

August 23, 2011: Cannonball 2012 is on!  See News.
September 10, 2011: The route and dates are posted!  See News and The Route.
September 11, 2011: I got an official invitation, and immediately committed.  See News.
September 26, 2011: I mailed my entry form and fee this morning.  See News.
September 27, 2011: Per Lonnie, The Beast will wear medallion no. 101.  See News.
October 3, 2011: Official Notification - Team Yarocki is entered.  See News.
November 1, 2011: The entrants are posted.  See The Riders at MC Cannonball or Entrants here.
November 11, 2011: Two more entrants are posted.  The total is 38.
November 12, 2011: The ride is full.  See News.
December 31, 2011: 56 Riders are committed and posted.  See News.
January 24, 2012: 72 Riders are committed and posted.  That should be all of them.  See News.
February 18, 2012: I received the Official Regulations.  See Event > The Regulations.
February 27, 2012: I have a support Team.  What a relief!  See News.
March 7, 2012: Three riders have scratched.  We are back to 69.  See News.
April 1, 2012: But, six more have entered.  We are now at 75.  See News.
June 24, 2012: Incredibly, two more have entered.  There are now 77.  See News.
July 6, 2012:  But, we are back to 75 entrants again.  See News.
July 25, 2012:  Down one to 74 entrants.  See News.
July 26, 2012:  A fool and his kickstand.  See News.
August 22, 2012: Two out and one in.  We now stand at 73.  See News.
September 23, 2012: #101, Team Yarocki, finished fourth out of 69.  See the 2012 Results.
October 1, 2012: The 101 Association Newsletter honors Team Yarocki.  See the article.
May 23, 2013: Here they go again.  See News.

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