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Motorcycle Cannonball <> 02/18/2012 07:42 AM
Subject    Motorcycle Cannonball Event Regulations

Hello Cannonballers.

 We are e-mailing you some important information about the 2012 Motorcycle Cannonball. Please respond to this e-mail so we know you are receiving it.

 Attached you will find our Official Event Regulations that govern the 2012 Run. These Regulations should help you understand how the rally will be run, and how the competition will be scored. Please read all these Regulations carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

 We have also sent you two different versions of sample course instructions such as you will receive during each stage of the event. These are only examples. The first example, which is the last six pages of the Event Regulations, has a description in the far right column of each course instruction. This description tells just how each instruction should be executed, to help you better understand how to read these instructions. The second example, a separate attachment, does not have this description and represents the actual size and format of the course instructions that you will be receiving during the event. We encourage you to print the second example and plan for how, on the road, you will read the course instructions, keep track of the active course instruction number, turn the page, and keep the instructions dry in the rain. The average number of pages for a day's course instructions is about eight, some days can be as many as twelve, or as few as five.

 After considerable research, we have found that the best way to handle your course instructions is with a Rally Roadbook Holder. These Roadbook Holders are standard pieces of equipment at sport bike enduros and endurance rallies such as the Cannonball and are a valuable  piece of equipment. While there are several versions of basically the same product out there, we have found one to be superior to the others for a variety of reasons. Touratech is the manufacturer and their website is The phone number is 1-800-491-2926. This product is lightweight, easy to use, and works well. After some simple installation, the XL model {part# 020-0030 Roadbook XL} functions well and protects the paper from weather conditions. It can be ordered by phone from Touratech, but is usually in limited supply. We have talked to Touratech and they assure us that if you order now, your Rally Roadbook Holder can be manufactured and shipped from Germany within a few weeks. It is suggested that if you choose this product, you should order it as soon as possible.

 You will notice that the course instructions include official mileages. We encourage you to have an odometer, speedometer, and a clock mounted on your motorcycle. These gauges do not have to be period units. Aftermarket speedometer/odometers are relatively inexpensive, and have proven to work well in the Cannonball. After considerable research we have found that the best unit for our application is made by Trail Tech. They have many different units available, but the best one for our antique bikes is the Vector {part# 852-2012} ; the Web Site is  . The Vector is a speedometer, an odometer, a clock, and a stop watch. Its also an engine temperature gauge. The Vector runs off of its own power source, so there is no need for another battery, or a 12 volt system. The Vector can be ordered online or by phone at 1-360-687-4530. Ask for Justin and tell him you are with the Motorcycle Cannonball.

 The speedometer/odometer and the Rally Roadbook Holder are recommended equipment. Please refer to the Event Regulations for all the required equipment.

Lonnie Isam Jr.
Promoter, Motorcycle Cannonball

John Classen
Course Master

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